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Raid progression
FFA Raids--------(H) 6/14(H) 7/7(H) 8/106/13----
Nightwatch6/66/64/412/124/14----(H) 12/13----
Vanguards(H) 4/66/64/4(H) 2/12(H) 14/14(M) 1/7(M) 3/10(H) 5/13----
Nightwatch Full Normal Clear
2016 February 06 (Saturday) - Submited by twicedead at 12.28

Awesome job guys, heroic modes here we go :mrgreen:
Happy Birthday Left Hand Path!
2016 January 15 (Friday) - Submited by zanthis at 06.53
The Guild is 9 years old today, guild celebration 20:00 server time tonight.

Hurry before the murloc eats all the cake!

Vanguards avoided bad stuff and stood in the right stuff!
2015 July 07 (Tuesday) - Submited by kahlezz at 11.13

Hellfire High Council


Good job guys :D
Vanguards charged the cannons!
2015 July 02 (Thursday) - Submited by kahlezz at 21.53
Tonight we got 2 new kills
Hellfire Assault and Iron Reaver!

Good Job guys! :D
Gruul got sliced - Mythic!
2015 May 29 (Friday) - Submited by kahlezz at 15.08

Forgot to take screenies from Oregorger and Beastlord Darmac :(

But very nice kills guys - Good job and stuff :D