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Raid progression
Nightwatch(H) 7/7(H) 7/10(H) 2/3(H) 6/9(H) 6/11(H) 4/8(H) 2/92/2----
Fanatic(M) 7/7(M) 7/10(M) 2/3(M) 6/9(M) 5/11(M) 3/8(M) 4/9(H) 2/2(H) 8/8(M) 3/12
13th Birthday
2020 January 28 (Tuesday) - Submited by twicedead at 16.50

Happy 13th birthday to you all.
12th Birthday
2019 January 26 (Saturday) - Submited by twicedead at 18.28

On the 15th January was our 12th Birthday.
With so much in my mind this kind of slipped but here it is, happy 12th birthday to you all.
MOTHER (M) killed by Left Hand Path
2018 October 04 (Thursday) - Submited by nusse at 21.54
Antoran High Command (M) killed by Left Hand Path
2018 January 26 (Friday) - Submited by nusse at 23.47
Portal Keeper Hasabel (M) killed by Left Hand Path
2018 January 22 (Monday) - Submited by nusse at 22.11