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 Post subject: Hey Everyone :D
PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 9:36 am  
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Hey Left Hand Path
I am Rania 27, Years old Woman. I life in Switzerland and i m a healing educator for Disabled Humans. I work in shifts, so sometimes i m on Day time and sometimes at night. Depens on what shift i am. My mother langue is German, but i consider my English is not bad, enought for Raids or Conversations. It can happen sometimes , that i dont know a word, but i m not shy to ask pepol to explain :D please dont juge my writing, i know is horrible :D

I was very active in LK times and Cata, i m social (as my job shows) i like help ppl. As i was offline for a long time my Guild (LEGACY) kicket me, when i relogt to the Game, i joined theyr new Guild , but i dont like the way, how pepols spoke to eachother.
I was back in Raiding 1 Time after 5 years(prepaired), many just complained at eachother instead of helping eachother with usefull advices to folow.

I m on Thunderhorn eversince and wanna stay :D

https://www.wowprogress.com/character/e ... /Symphonix
Goblin Troll, Frost i have routine, Arkan i m getting to start now (not so good DPS yet), this is an alt, but atm i enjoy to Play with my Mage sooooo much :D
He is a Ingineur and Miner, bec i got many Alts and i try to have all the Main Professions to help my Self in the Game, without haveing to use the (expensive) Actionhouse.
Alsuna 120
https://www.wowprogress.com/character/e ... nge#events
is actualy my Main,Troll Shammy, i love to heal with her, DPS i m not so good (but i think i gotta check her Rotation again and some dps spezific Items) with her i was in many Raids. She is an Herber and Alchemist. So high lvld that i can produce Flask for Raiding (as they are soo expensive in AH) in Plan is to get Cooking up and Fishing (they hang together)

Soulbeuty 100
:Undead Prist, Shadow and Holy, but atm is not so fun to play with her, thats why she not up yet. she would be my enchanter and Clother (dont know the right word in english)
Ysis 85: Troll Druid, she beeing ignort yet, i m only back in game one month, she would be Healing and Moonking, She is Mining and Juweliercrafter to get nice Gems inside my Raid gear :P
and there is also a Hunter but only lvl 50 yet so i wont describe her yet :D

My Room M8 (elrados) plays with u guys and i liked what i saw. Looked when he was raiding with u, and liked how pepols handel wipes and keep explaining even 100 times :D and some give advices what i realy liked. Seems Like a chilling Guild to have some nice Gameing time :D


What role do you want in a raid?
I wanna Heal and DPS :D
What raiding experience do you have?
I killed Lich King and the Cataclysm dragon (forgot the name) on HC
How do you prepare for a raid?
I wach Vidoes in my langue and english so i exacly know the commands.
I prepair Flasks for my self, when my cooking is up also Feast for the Raid.
I change some Talents to improve the Raid, i also look that my Azerit Boni on my Armory is Raid improveing
I look for enchants on my Armory and use full Runes
i check my headset working and my internet is up :P
hope didnt forgot anything :P
What are your preferred raid times?
thats the littel difficult part, bcause of my shifts, But i m very flexible. Best Day would be Thuesday (i know shittty Day) bec is my School Day.
Which addons do you use for raids?
DBM, Angry Assingments, Healbot or Xperl, Recount, PersoLoot Roll
Do you have (can you download) Discord and a working microphone?
Yes ofc :D

 Post subject: Re: Hey Everyone :D
PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 9:55 am  
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Hey Symphonix,

Thank you for your application.

Please poke any officer online for an invite.

Welcome to LHP!


Twice :Cross:


"Gods of war I call you, my sword is by my side! I seek a life of honor, free from all false pride."

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