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 Post subject: Soxtreme - Mage
PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2019 8:56 pm  
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Tell us a bit about yourself, what age are you, what do you do IRL, what are your normal playtimes?

My Name is James, i work in IT and my normal play times are usually whenever im not working :p

What is your ingame social history? What guilds have you been in, what was your relationships with those guilds and why did you leave?

Played since 5.2 ToT i have been in 5 guilds in all those years, i started horde side on this server and Left Hand Path was my second guild! (Yop was my druids name) i then went to another guild but they decided to transfer to dreanor so i went alliance side where i joined MooTangClan met some very nice people and some great in game friends, sadly the guild died during mythic Antorus Progression and i attempted my own guild but just ended up quiting until the new patch.

What is your character called? Please give an armory link.

Soxtreme-thunderhorn https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... n/Soxtreme

Tell us about your character(s), race, class, level, spec, professions, secondarys skills - and why you have chosen that. If you have any noteworthy alts, tell us about them too.

Troll Mage - I play whatever the fight requires, mostly frost for mythic+ and fire when i can! arcane if i have too ;-;

Proffessions i have alchemy because 2hour flasks and i like to make my own pots/flasks. Having a cauldron is also very nice for raids!

Note worthy alts - i have a 120 monk on alliance side which is brewmaster.

Why do you want to join Left Hand Path? If you mention any friend(s) in this application, please state the name(s)!

I decided i wanted to come back to horde and give the new raid a try! Left Hand Path being a stable of this realm horde seems like a great place to do so! i also have some very fond memories in this guild.


What role do you want in a raid?

I like to DPS and thats all mage can do!, but i have tanked in the past on both my monk (ToS mythic and Blood DK in Antorus)

What raiding experience do you have?

Since I've started raiding (mid SoO) i have achieve curve and gotten at least a few bosses into mythic in every tier execpt Uldir, if you require more info please let me know.

How do you prepare for a raid?

Im a minmaxer by nature so i tend to go into raids fully prepared character wise, fight wise i tend to watch a video from the perspective my character is playing.

What are your preferred raid times?

Any raid day is fine for me during the week, weekends sunday is the only day i can do as social life can sometimes invade on the friday/saturday.

I use bigwigs and weakauras mainly for raids.

Do you have (can you download) Discord and a working microphone?

Yep and yep!

 Post subject: Re: Soxtreme - Mage
PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 9:42 am  
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On behalf of LHP, welcome to our guild.


Twice :Cross:


"Gods of war I call you, my sword is by my side! I seek a life of honor, free from all false pride."

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