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 Post subject: Social - Christy
PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 9:27 am  
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Tell us a bit about yourself, what age are you, what do you do IRL, what are your normal playtimes?
- 27, work and game thats about ti really, i work as a nursing assistant currently however am soon moving on to being a prison officer. my play house fluctuate due to workign obscure shifts, they're never really consistent

What is your ingame social history? What guilds have you been in, what was your relationships with those guilds and why did you leave?
back in the days of bc i was with friends on kilrogg where i join a guild called dogwatch and raided BT when it was current content with them. most recenetly i raided early legion with supreme voodoo and have been with them since early WOD. i choose to stop raiding due to personal commitments as did most of the guild. due to this the guild kinda just drifted apart.

If you have recently transferred to Thunderhorn, why?
transferred to join SV back when.

What is your character called? Please give an armory link.
currently my main is ChristyQT however i plan to reroll shaman for shadowlands.
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... /christyqt

Tell us about your character(s), race, class, level, spec, professions, secondary's skills - and why you have chosen that. If you have any noteworthy alts, tell us about them too.
not much to really tell at the moment, since stopping raiding i haven't been too interested in maxing of important stats etc - ive been focused on having fun. ill begin to take things more seriously again with shadowlands but att he moment as i joined late to BFA (8.2) - its just too tedious for me to catch up, i have no doubt if i wanted i could but everything about this expansion is so tedious to me hense why im taking a step back till shadowlands.

Why do you want to join Left Hand Path? If you mention any friend(s) in this application, please state the name(s)!
friends from SV came here when we drifted and it was always on par progression wise with SV. i believe sniffels came here and possibly stirfe but ive not seen them on in a while so unsure now. i just want an active guild with the possibility of raiding in future. i understand fore the moment i have only filled out a social request, when it comes to the time (maybe a month or so before shadowlands) - i will further fill out a raiding application.

peace guys and gals, hope to see you on the inside!

 Post subject: Re: Social - Christy
PostPosted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 11:26 pm  
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Hi christymack,

For some reason your application went unoticed to everyone.

If you're still looking for a place to be, please poke any officer online for a guild invite.

Again sry for this late response :cry: :blush:


Twice :Cross:


"Gods of war I call you, my sword is by my side! I seek a life of honor, free from all false pride."

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